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National Argon Map

The National Argon Map (NAM) is an AuScope Opportunity Project with ANU and the network of four Australian Argon Laboratories: ANU, Melbourne University, University of Queensland and Curtin University. NAM is providing an opportunity for researchers, students, and industry for 40Ar/39Ar analysis which is financially supported by AuScope.
This opportunity has been well sought after and appreciated by researchers, industries, and students across Australia. We have received requests for Ar/Ar analysis for hundreds of samples in 33 distinctly different project proposals. This opportunity has now reached its capacity and at this stage we are not able to take any further proposals.
The proposals and sample information are available in the list below and projected on map on this link. This information is extensive both in the geological context and the sample characterisation. Associated Ar/Ar data will become available as is suitable for each sample.
We would like to thank all participants who have contributed to this rewarding opportunity.

Legacy Data GA: National Argon Repository

NAM began as a Geoscience Australia and ANU initiative as part of the GA Isotopic Maps of Australia. All data was legacy data from publications and repositories at Geological Surveys: SA, Qld, Vic, Tas, NSW. Universities: Uni Qld, Uni Newcastle, ANU, Uni Melbourne and Curtin Uni. Click on the image below to get data of each point.